Date: March 23rd, 2024

Time: 8am-3pm

Location: UC San Diego Rady School of Management,

10057 Scholars Drive North,

La Jolla, CA 92037

Room #3E107

Hosted By: University of California San Diego Police Department

Building Confidence, Command

Presence and Resiliency

for Female First Responders in Today’s Climate.

The field of Law Enforcement is ever changing and so are the dynamics needed to support a well rounded agency. Let’s face it, the job can be simply different for a woman and what she will face throughout her career. How females process stress, communicate with others, and fit in is physiologically different than their male counterparts.

The days of “this is how we have always done things” are over and it’s time for gender norms to be a thing of the past which is why I am here.

My Mission:

Is to help women use their natural gifts and abilities inside of the job causing them to become assets to their agencies.

Autumn Clifford

Autumn is a 2nd-degree black belt in karate, is an Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor, a podcast host to the Officer Autumn show, a police officer, and a Personal Development Coach for women on the front lines. Autumn has been a police officer since she was 20 years old. While working full-time Autumn became a certified instructor for the police academy, a defensive tactics instructor for the police academy, and was a member of her agency’s honor guard.

At 26 years old Autumn suffered a career-ending back injury that left her couch ridden and depressed for 6 months. It was during that time that Autumn decided to become a life coach, utilizing her training, education, and experience from the job to help others succeed in life. She has been coaching professionally for the last 8 years and developed resiliency training for first responders. Her trainings and podcasts which has impacted thousands of people.

Autumn has been coaching first responders all across the country for years with the concepts taught inside of this training which has led to happier, more productive and focused officers.

Students Will Leave With:

  • Tools for overcoming adversity and how to use those tools for success in life as well as on the job

  • An understanding of their own natural gifts, abilities and talents and how they can use them to become an asset to their department

  • Feeling more confident in themselves and ways to work at growing that confidence throughout their careers

  • Skills to further develop command presence

  • Tools on how to deal with stress and anxiety effectively

  • How to "fail forward" in their personal lives as well as in their careers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to this training?

A pen and a notebook as you will be doing a lot of reflection writing.... and an open mind!


No! If you are training to become an officer, this will be a huge benefit to you. You will be able to go into the academy or FTO with an edge that will help to alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety caused from lack of confidence.

Do I receive a certificate of completion for this course?

Yes, after class is complete you will receive a certificate.