You've seen the news...

You've heard about the crime occurring closer to home more then ever...

It's time to learn how to protect yourself as well as your family!

As a woman, have you ever considered yourself an EASY target for predators?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to protect yourself, yet you don’t want to train at a gym?

Maybe you don’t want to roll on the floor with sweaty men (sorry guys)?

Or maybe committing to train weekly seems overwhelming for you and honestly, you are crazy busy as it is so you have no idea where you’d fit it in anyways?

You feel all of this however....

You are ready to NEVER be an easy target for predators… ever again!

Great news- She’s An Asset Self-Protection classes are coming to your area and it’s time to make sure you’re a HARD TARGET from this point forward!

Why we are different:

Our classes combine Autumn's skillset from her law enforcement background, her 20+ years has a martial artist and teacher as well as her experience from

teaching self-defense classes!

  • No training weekly (in person)

  • No training with sweaty people!

  • No need to feel uncomfortable!

  • No rolling around on the ground!

We are coming to Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center

on May 23rd.

Women's Self Protection Class: 5:30pm - 7:30pm: $50 per person

Class Topics:

  • Build Situational Awareness Like a Cop

  • The Mindset of a Predator

  • Striking and blocking

  • Escapes

  • De-Escalation Techniques

  • Threat Recognition

  • Scenario Based Training and more!

Class will be held at Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center
163 Main Street

Baileyville, ME 04694

Age limit is 10 and up!

Questions? Contact Carrie or Angela at 207-664-0339

Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center

163 Main Street

Baileyville, ME 04694

Age limit is 10 and up and there are 20 seats available per class. 

Questions? Contact Carrie or Angela at 207-664-0339

She Said...

“Autumn is an awesome instructor and the material of her self-defense classes exceeds anything I had originally expected. I have never felt more confident and sure of myself. Being only 5’0 and 115lbs, I never knew I could be so strong and capable of defending myself. I’ve made new friends & learned so much already. I’m looking forward to many more classes with Autumn! Highly highly recommend!”- Kathleen

"I learned so much from attending this class. Autumn empowered me to be difficult and to have a plan if danger should arise. I liked this class so much that I signed up for her virtual classes. If you have a chance to attend one of these classes, I would highly recommend it"



Autumn is the real deal who has a beautiful blend of knowledge and compassion. She shares real life situations and strategies you can implement the moment you leave class. I will for sure be seeing what else she offers and looking to set up situational awareness for students as well!From one difficult Italian woman to another, THANK YOU!"